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A Convenient Development?
September 08, 2007


By Sky News Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt

For a few hours I thought we had come to Portugal on a bum steer.

It didn't take long for our tip about "a major development" to prove accurate.

Didn't think it would be this big ... the McCanns becoming suspects in their daughter's death - not her disappearance, but her death.

That's how the detectives put it to the couple in their questions.

It's clear the police are convinced Madeleine is dead. It's the first time we've heard that.

What happens next? If the evidence is good enough they should be arrested and charged.

If they are not, will they continue with plans to leave for Britain?

Might that be seen as them running away with the cloud of suspicion swirling around their heads?

And might that just suit the Portuguese for whom the continuing presence of the family is a constant reminder that something horrible happened in a popular tourist resort?

Clearly, if the McCanns stay, they may not get quite the level of support they have encountered as they move around Praia da Luz.

Their appearances at the police station attracted quite a crowd of gawpers, some of them shouting accusations at the couple.

The.police believe they know much more about what happened ... that Madeleine died accidently, but they seem no closer to knowing where she is.

Written by Martin, September 08, 2007



“Since their daughter had gone, Gerry and kate have followed a strategy of almost daily annoucements about new facts with the purpose of distracting and mixing up the investigation”. This is the President ASFIC’s belief, Carlos Anjos, who points out to the parents’ “ suspicious attitude”. In declarations to the DN ( Diário de Notícias), that accountable refers, as an example, the “ last and ridiculous episode” of Gerry McCann just when “ four months after his daughter’s disappearance – all the period round he has been several times inquired by PJ – he remembered that a man was hidden in the appartment where his three children were sleepping just at the moment he went to check if the children were well, on the third May’s night”. “ If he suspected a man was in the appartment and went away to dinner peacefully, then his negligence as a father has no classification at all.”

After reading this - and the “ Gerry’s reminder” is a true fact - I would like to ask: Who is playing on the sly with?

The team of five inspectors who are working in this case had no free days neither holidays- workers non stop - since the third of May – working 10 - 12 hours per day. Men 28 years old to 47 who has left behind their children ( same age of Madeleine) and wives to dedicate all their atention to the case. In the last 4 months, sometimes they worked 24 over 24 hours because, meanwhile and unfortunately there were 6 other human crimes under Portimão DIC’area.

So, we have the portuguese police on the hell, McCann at the heaven’s door and Martin Brunt on the throne of heaven. So could Martin Brunt solve so many crimes in England – your Diana’s, for example, wasnt’ it, also, in a foreign country? By the way, won’t both these crimes have something in common?
To finish my post and to answer my last question, I cite a verse of one of my favourit portuguese poets, Fernando Pessoa: “There are reasons that the reason, itself, doesn’t recognize”.

Best regards

Hi has anyone read the article in to-days paper about the e-mail that was sent to charles and camilla about a mark warner maid was sacked and cud of took maddie out of revenge but theirs nothing on the news about it

If I were a detective what would I do now?

The very first thing that I would do would be to remove Goncalo Amaral from the Madeleine McCann case and suspend him from all police duties. How can a detective that has been charged with torture of a witness in another strikingly similar case, be allowed to investigate another while this is going on? Goncalo Amaral the leading detective in the hunt for Madeleine McCann was charged along with four other police officers in the case of Joan Cipriano, a 9 year old girl that disappeared from her home a few miles away from where Madeleine McCann went missing.

What are the Portuguese authorities thinking of by allowing this ludicrous situation to continue? By allowing this they are leaving themselves wide open to accusations of corruption and cover ups and why? To protect their tourist industry? This also brings up again the case of Casa Pia and the people that were arrested at that time and then released without charge among them TV personalities and leading politicians.

Just what is being hidden here and why?

I would then go on to;

1)Return to day one when Madeleine disappeared and start the process again and this time do it properly and hope against hope that a proper finger tip search turned something up and that vital evidence has not been lost forever because of police dereliction of duty.

2) I would order the ring search from where Madeleine went missing, because apparently to this very day this has not yet happened. Why?

3) I would re search Robert Murat's house, particularly the void, that the architect that designed this house talks about. Has this been done? If not why not? The fact that you cannot get to it should *not* deter, it should be searched and searched at any cost.

4) I would want to know why there is a picture of Robert Murat in the centre of about 14 Portuguese policeman, pictured smiling, chatting and looking relaxed in their company. (Echoes of Ian Huntly reverberate here)

5) I would investigate why one of these policeman popped up in the background of a picture of Madeleine McCann which was obviously taken just before Madeleine disappeared.

6) I would investigate if there is any truth in the story that was reported in a newspaper that an agitated Robert Murat hired a care on the afternoon his mother went off in hers. If he did hire this car then I would want that care forensically examined. has this been done? if not, why not?
I would also demand to know why the hire car owner had let it be known that despite the fact that she reported this to the PJ, nothing was ever done about it.

It also give the huge amount of speculation surrounding this case time that someone in the Portuguese government took control and issued a statement.

Many Portuguese are worried about what this will do to their tourist industry and with good reason.

Portugal with no sex offenders register, must be viewed as a safe haven for every passing paedophile.

Also it appears that Portugal has a child abductor/murderer/paedophile in their midst and that precious little is being done about it.

Why? What are the Portuguese government so afraid of?

it is time for the Portuguese to stop hiding behind their secrecy laws and start answering the many questions that people have.

meanwhile what exactly are the Portuguese doing to discover the whereabouts of Madeleine McCann?

reply to David

David you said that kidnappers don't just go into a room and snatch a child. I remember an article in the news were a little girl was in the bath in her own home and some came in and just took her. there are a lot of cases like this. Maybe someone has been eatching knowing that the parents were leaving them alone and took the chance of going in. I just hope who ever it is is caught soon.

What a surprise! i now see the McCons are unlikely to take a lie detector test as it is inadmissable in a portugese court of law.If they are innocent then wouldnt they wish to clear their name regardless of whether the test can be used.

Ok ! Kate and Gerry made the biggest mistake of their life. but i am sure they didn't leave their children on purpose to be abducted. Some flippin scum bags out there are the ones to be pointing the fingers at!!! It is terrible that you can't even leave your child sleeping in its own bed ...always someone ready to snatch. I hope there are CTV cameras about. Mc Canns are guilty of neglect but some unknown scum bags out there should be getting arrested. Tell the authorities to get their fingers out and LOOK for this little girl!!!! Search Murats again... Search...Interview guests again... Search everywhere !!! Madeleine is somewhere . I think Kate and Gerry have suffered enough . They have truly paid for leaving them that night. but for little Madeleines sake turn from the Mc Canns and begin searching !!! It is so frustrating ...Get the sniffer dogs again... Check the basements of houses !!!!

Do we know yet WHO hired the car prior to the McCanns.

The Portuguese Police seem intent on blackening the McCanns but have NOT publised the fact that all previous hirers have been checked out and have been cleared from their investigations.

Until such questions are answered then the police have a lot to answer.

There are three possibilities in Madeleine's dissapearance.

1. Abduction.
2. Accidental Death.
3. Wandering off.

1.Given all the evidence, it seems highly unlikely that Madeleine was abducted. Paedophiles do not wander into a random room, steal a child and vanish without a trace. It just doesn't happen.

2. If the Mccann's did accidently kill Maddie, they would have had to hide the evidence, hide the body, create an alibi, then rejoin their friends, all within 30 minutes. Then after creating mass media histeria, hire a car, retreive a rotting corpse of their daughter and dispose of the body. Then carry on their routine in front of the world's media. They can't be capable of that.

3. What if she just wandered off? I beleive this is the most likely theory. The Mccann's admit they left the apartment unlocked. It seems that it was not the first night that the children were left alone. The Mccann's left the children in the creche every day of their holiday. To them, it was the norm. If Maddie had wandered out of the apartment, anything could have happened to her. She could have bumped into a paedophile. She could have wandered down to the beach. She could have fallen down an open manhole. She may have been hit by a car, the driver could have been drunk, and in a panic, dumped the body.

Sadly, anything could have happened to that poor little girl and we will probably never know. It seems that the evidence is patchy at best and a conviction is unlikely.

The Mccann's know that if they carried out their parental responsibilities on May 3rd and protected their babies from the world, Maddie would now be asleep in her bed at home with cuddle cat.

Whatever happened, they must live with it for the rest of their lives. After all, they are responsible because they left her.

Sadly, the media hysteria gathers pace, with wild stories and speculative reports being sensationised by the press, all in the name of journalism. Newspaper sales are at their highest for years. We are all desperate to read the latest developments in the biggest story for years.

Surely now it is time for us all to leave the Mccann's alone to face up to the fact that they let their little girl go.

In reply to sarah, uk.
Perfectly acceptable to leave your children the way they did? It is the parents responsibilty to take care and protect thier children 24/7 and drugging your own kids and leaving them alone in a building, (if that werent enough but unlocked as well!)just so you can wander off down the road to enjoy yourself is nothing but utter selfishness!!! And irresponsible. And stupid.There is no way in the world I would leave my child anywhere, I would take my child with me or not go. I dont even let my child go to a public bathroom by himself. Why would you put them at unneccesary risk and it was a risk and they should have known better. Doctors or no doctors.....who has faith in doctors anymore anyway??

honestly, guilty or innocent i'm very glad that they had returned home.we need peace here and they called to many press. I hope they're not guilty and i pray for maddie every day. I'm a mother and it's the best thing in the world. It's our duty to protect our child.

I can't believe how some Porteguese people are trying to make out the reason that we don't want to believe the McCanns are guilty is because they are British, i think those thoughts are extremely sad and are disappointing to hear. I can't imagine the McCanns doing anything to hurt their own child but maybe i'm wrong the decision will be left for the experts. it s not about them being British its about not wanting to imagine any parents anywhere in the world hurting their child/children. Also if they are guilty can you imagine if there is another abducation how the parents of that child will be treated and how the media will cover the story.
Personally i do think Portugal is a safer place than the UK but i think alot of that has to do with our government and the ridiculous human rights act which basically protects criminals, if criminals were treated as criminals and life in prison meant life then i think there would be less crime.

I think the police should start getting the equipment to find a body.Search the church, Murrats mothers house, his yaught, when did he go out to sea? Hair brushes soap ect in case her hair was brushed before being buried, if all fails keep searching for her in case she is alive.There is something not right in this whole case and there is a cover up somewhere.... friends of Murat or friends of Mc Canns are involved. Every person should be questioned in detail.Has the car been washed? Is all Madeleines clothes accounted for? Was there a blanket missing that she could have been wrapped in or a suitcase.Questions need answered here in case this wee girl is locked up somewhere and no one looking for her.


just wondered why no one is trying to find out if anyoen saw madeline the day before- what if she was accidentally killed before and they had time to hide the body then pretend she was missing
the clump of hair looks suspicious why not ask the mccanns about it

Do you personally know the Mccanns? How can you be so sure that they are innocent? And as for Brians predictions - well that has to be the biggest rubbish ive seen yet. Evidence clearly shows that these pictures were posted many days after Maddy disappeared - or do you not believe that either? You seem to be very critical of people expressing their opinion - WHY? DO YOU HAVE EVIDENCE TO PROVE KATE AND GERRY INNOCENT? If so I and im sure many other people would love to hear it.

The reason why people here are so worked up about the possibility of the Mccanns being charged on what is a questionable police theory (when you boil it down, backed by only one bit of DNA evidence which could as easily have been transferred or even placed there) is because of the terrible effect this would have on the two remaining kids and on their mum. If Kate Mccann is indeed innocent, separation from her children, while she stays in custody for a crime she did not commit, would break this woman for ever. The humanitarian concern here - which is huge- has nothing at all to do with a a negative "England v Portugal" attitude.

Portugeuse Police.

When I landed I was in fear as I was told gangsters and paedophiles were at work in this resort. As a tracker I wondered of my safety. The police were before I landed very, very supportive, and spoke better English than I.

I landed and was given full support at all times for being a disabled spinal injuries person. I could walk and did walk without fear that was expressed in the early May to June.

In Praia da Luz I was given every assistance for my abilities and disabilities. Even when Sky News crews jostled past me in the scrum I was assisted when the frenzy started on the 14th June evening.

Portuguese Police at the airport attended and supplied front line immediate support when a situation arose and stayed with me till medical and airport assistance came.

They were immaculately turned out, impeckably polite and were at all times vigilant at the airport in these times of vigilance.

They were cognitive of the disciplines which I have studied and able to communicate in a way of professionalism. I would not have deemed it ethical to discuss this case in open spaces.

No police agency works 'with' private individuals in any country. It is a one way traffic, even in UK. Ask them.

In closing, I found the place charming, safe and lacking in Western consumerism. It is very like being at Sterling University on campus. There is no elitism, only magic. Unity and oneness.

Disabled or enabled, Portugal is proud, clean and not a shopping mall for the credit card spenders. It is unique and it is safe.

I thank the Portuguese for their hospitality and their kindness, and their respect at keeping me safe.

Thanks go to the officers who helped me and my colleague at the airport and continue to inspire me.

I am humbled that the aid I had does not extend to my own country, the United Kingdom.

We learn from books of policing, but in reality the way to learn is to be less colonial in Western ideology.

Read the History of Policing since 1750.

I would like to point to those questioning the Portuguese Police that no police is free of wrong attitudes.

On 22 July 2005, the English Police killed an innocent Brazilian worker - Jean Charles de Menezes - at London's Stockwell Tube, mistakenly shot as a suicide bomber.

More than 2 years later, the only fact was an official apology to the de Menezes family for their loss.
All the Anti-Terror integrants involved in the kill are still there.

Regarding this girl’s case, I have to be honest: I know nothing. All we read are speculations.

Just remembering some facts:
-In the night Maddie disappeared:
1. 9 adults were having dinner, probably drank because of the 14 bottles of wine they all drank, leaving their kids alone;

2. The McCanns didn´t ask for the baby sitter although they had it payed;

3. Kate found out Maddie was missing and decided to tell her friends in the restaurant, then she phoned to the media and, only 1 hour latter, she decided to call the police;

4. A british citizen living next to their appartment offered herself to call the police and Kate refused her help telling that old lady that the police had already been called -it was a lie - the police was called 1 hour latter!
After that night
1. The McCanns called the Media, using the Media to spread out the idea of the abduction and never addmited other way to the investigation;

2. The McCanns have friends in very high places and they know how to use their influence, polliticaly speaking;

3. The McCanns went to see the pope, an amazing did if you remember that the pope as a very difficult agenda even to prime-ministers, presidents and royalty;

4.The McCanns continued living their lives, going to the beach, similling at british reporters, writing a personal blog, wandering around, always neat, Kate even wears make-up, and so on. It's very strange that they can think on doing all those things. If my son disappeared (God forbids!) I wouldn't have strenght to eat...

5. When Murat was already a suspect he told a journalist that he is innocent and he suggested that the police should investigate Maddie's parents. Why?

Finnaly: Kate and Gerry weren't framed by the police.
They put themselves in this mess - why didn't they took their kids witht them to the restaurant. I go out to have dinner with my husband and friends and I always take my son. It seems as if they are living in the victorian era when children ate in the kitchen with the house servants and were educated by nunnies.
I think they some how killed their daughter: was it an accident? Did they allow someone else to do it because the girl had seen something she wasn't supposed to? Let the police investigate. Portugal is not a third world country. It has a long history of culture and we abbolished the death penalty in the 18th century, so we know something about civilization and human rights. And, by the way, we didn't invade Iraq when Mr Bush sañaped his fingers...

Sorry for my bad english (although it's better than the portuguese that british people speak when they come to my sunny nation).


Kate and Gerry are highly intellegent individuals with reputations within the community to uphold.As doctors they would both be capable of sedating their children so as to leave them sleeping whilst they ate. When the room was searched for maddie the twins remained alseep in their beds.If by some terrible accident kate had oversedated her daughter before dinner, surely she would be well aware of the prospect of the twins being taken off her and her and gerry both losing their jobs and potentially spending a long time in portugese prison.
I do believe in innocent until proven guilty but i find kate mccann hard to believe, something is not right in this story. Why did she wash madeleines toy rabbit 48 hours after she was taken?Claiming it had got "dirty".would a panic striken mother really care, or would she want to hang on to something with her daughters scent on it for as long as possible? Or give it to the police as evidence.
There are many more questions such as this which need answering.

Claire, those pictures don't look anything like the same man. The one with Robert Murat you can't even see the person he is talking to.

i've no words to express my disappointment...

"the portuguese police is bad!the portugal isn t safe!"
i'm tired... Are britain where hooligans make a simple football game in a battlefield and where kids kill others kids with guns on the same street or spain where every week explode a car by ETA, more safe then Portugal?
Portugal is a country with poor rate of crime, fortunately. we are not the best but we do our best to find the madelaine and a guilty.

how many kids disappear in your countries...
Are portuguese police guilty?
I think no.
Portugal is a country with poor rate of crime, fortunately. we are not the best but we do our best to find the madelaine and a guilty.
we're trying to solve this case... we're doing the best we can. If you(that criticize our work) are better then us come and help!raise your ass of the sofa and do something right and now!

And why rule out the possibility of they're guilty?

In this world everything is possible...

Here is are simple questions to the Sky News reporters that are working on Madie STORIES.
1. As the PJ at any time said that the Mccans were suspects of anything?

2. Do you understand what "segredo de justiça" is?

3. Do you expect us to believe that after all the lies you have been saying about what is going on in Portugal any Police officer would gave any info?

4. do you know the diference betwen a football game Portugal/England and what you are doing?

cote from sky news "Also the Portuguese police and press seem to be painting a picture of Kate McCann as violent and aggressive towards her children at times.

And the Portuguese media suggest the inquiry is concentrating on whether sedatives were used on the four year old. "

were do you get this i`ve read the papers this morning and watch the news on TV, i did not see or ear any of this in any paper or Portuguese TV:

I would like to know why the media is suddenly attacking the Portuguese police, is it to protect their own? Surely after so much media hype, the focus should still be on finding poor little Maddie, or finding the person/people responsible for her dissapearnace and / or murder. If the evidence is pointing to the McCanns surely it is the authorities duty to investigate. If the McCanns are innocent, why run back to the U.K. now? Why suddenly point fingers at Portugal, where up until they were charged, they had no complaints, why hire one of the most famous attorneys if they have nothing to hide? Once again the MEDIA has turned this into a circus and instead of reporting cold hard facts they are attacking and accusing the wrong people (Portugal) because at the end of the day, that will sell papers... So many children in so many countries dissapear on a daily basis, there are so many horrendous crimes and yet none of them get the media coverage that the McCanns have received. Why is that? Perhaps it's a question of too many friends in high places? Why has the world lost sight of the fact that this is about a little girl who went missing when her parents left her and her siblings unattended while having a "dinner" party? Stop attacking the authorities in Portugal and learn to follow the cold hard facts!

Sadly its looking as if there is a chance the parents are guilty. I think the parents were too cool and collected after having a child abducted - all news photos showed them in control, an improbabilty if they were innocent. Who you or I not be going crazy in front of the camera, well I know I would and I am a mother of three and granny of one and I would not have been in such control of my emotions

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