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As Police Jokes Go, This One's A Nag
December 12, 2007


By crime correspondent Martin Brunt

A clash of dates means I miss the not-to-be-missed Crime Reporters Association Christmas party, which draws a smattering of top cops.

None of them stays too long for fear of indiscretions (we hope) or the urge to settle old scores (that would be interesting, too).

Of course, none of us invites our real police sources for fear of showing out, or having them ambushed by a rival.

This year's festive bash is memorable for a certain senior officer regaling anybody who would listen with a terrible joke.

Probably made it up himself and he told it about 150 times.

It goes something like this... Kieren Fallon is riding in the 3.10 at Doncaster. The horse's name? Lucky Git. What he doesn't know is that the nag has a twin called Police Blunder and the two are often mistaken for one another.

I nip into the Old Bailey to see what's happening in the murder trial of Levi Bellfield. Not much.

It's a day of dull evidence with a police witness being quizzed about fuzzy pictures of a van that may or may not be the defendant's.

Bellfield, a former nightclub bouncer and wheel-clamper, denies murdering two young women and attacking others.

The parents of victim Amelie Delagrange sit at the back of the court poring over the CCTV stills and whispering to one another in their native French, making sure that each understands every subtlety of the questioning.

They may have another two months to wait for a verdict...I wonder if they will go home for Christmas.

Today, the Madeleine McCann story develops into a slanging match between their spokesman and suspect Robert Murat's mother.

I understand that some of it is stirred up by reporters looking for an angle, but it's becoming more of a soap opera each day.

And I don't know anyone who understands what that detective agency is doing to justify £50,000 a month?

Written by Martin, December 12, 2007


To Sandra Ryan Spain

Thanks for the Xmas Wishes, and the same to you

I'm sure you will enjoy the book.

To Amanda SA, Debbie Germany, Geoff, Angel, Katy, Bubbles, Ian M-Canary Islands, N.Harper, A.Miller (in absentia)Paul Jackson Aberdeen, Eduarda Portugal,
Percy P,Maria Lisbon, Debs Merseyside -

Have a wonderful Xmas and a happy New Year.

I sincerely hope we will know by then what happened to Madeleine.

Love to all
Sandra Rennie

I would like to add one more thing to my last post.

BUBBLES, just remember that song that GERRY sang.(and I dont mean McCann!!!!!)

"You"ll never walk alone".

And to SANDRA RENNIE, Merry Christmas to you. I have ordered that book you spoke about. If you stay on here 1 more MUSCATEER would be very very welcome.

Hasta Pronto Sandra Ryan.



I will be back on the 26th (I am under threat from my family.) unless we have some developement from the P.J. in which case I will be back immediately!!!!!

Apparentely I can look at the comments providing I dont touch the keypad,(I wonder why?) anyway we seem to have become the:


Feliz Navidad. Sandra Ryan.

To Angel 11.28 20/12.

Thank you Angel for that information,much appreciated but I hope they come back as I am not familiar with other sites,and I do miss them, but I will try my best.

I have told my family that not only am I trying to find out why MADELEINE disappeared,
I now have to try and find out where several adults have disappeared too as well!!!

Anyway Angel, I would like to wish you, and all the people on these blogs and the reviewers A HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

Sandra Ryan.

Bernice Lund 20 Dec 14:20

Hee-hee-hee! You are a true joker! My post wasn't even addressed to you...but you simply couldn't resist a nasty retort...How amoeba-minded..anyhow, be that as it may....

Bubbles, friend, come find us too, we miss your often thought-provoking, albeit "over-the-top" notions!

To Martin Brunt and the SKY Staff "behind the scenes", as we go hurtling towards the end of 2007, Many, Many Thanks for all the hard work so often taken for granted to keep us updated and "in the picture".

To Martin Brunt, SKY Staff and also to Bubbles and the many folks who have taken so much stress and ridicule for being free-thinkers on this blog, those I choose to call blogger friends...I wish you a Merry Christmas and Abundant Health, Wealth and Happiness throughout 2008.

To Madeleine McCann, may you see only the sunshine sweetheart..even on rainy days!

Warm regards

Seems to me Bubbles was right. Bernice's post has nothing to do with the subject. Its a blatant attempt at keeping the arguments going. In fact, everything she writes here is to attack someone verbally.
What has Bubbles parenting abilities got to do with her opinion on what happened to Maddie? I think Bernice needs to look in a mirror before calling anyone bitter and twisted because it seems to me she's the one who's still bitter about comments directed at her. Notice no apology from her for her sadistic replies to everyone on this site?


I would like you to re read my posts and you will see I have NEVER said anything derogatory or bad about your children. I have said and I stand by what I say that you are bitter and twisted and call yourself a mother???? I think you are just looking for sympathy from your fellow bloggers because you are ashamed of your posts?????


I suggest you take some of your fellow anti McCann bloggers to your "other Site" so you can all slate the McCanns and vilify them to your hearts content, because thats what you love doing and you do it very well. Atleast this site will be free from all your wild disgusting theories. Good riddance!

Please look back, I never wrote that, never thought that, full stop. What is your problem?
As for the photo, have not changed my opinion. No idea why you think I have!
All the best!! Debbie

I certainly hope, Bubbles, that you were not referring to me as one of the Claire's who has commented on your children?! I didn't even know you had children, and therefore I'm assuming that was not directed at me.

I will continue to hope and pray from across the pond that they find little Maddie before Christmas.

For everyone else...I believe we are united in one thing, and that's the fact that we ALL wait for this much needed miracle. United in that at least?!

Merry Christmas to you and yours...

Sandra Ryan 20 Dec 10:53

Hello friend!

Certain you'll have noticed many of your regular blogger friends are no longer on this site. Most unfortunate but undoubtably due to this site now being nothing more than a site to post verbal abuse on, not related in anyway to Madeleine.

Martin Brunt, much as I admire you, I must ask why did you permit this to happen?

Sandra, with pleasure I assure you I'm finding regular posters from this site on other blogs I am partaking in now!

Come looking for us...find us...we miss your valued comments Sandra.

Have a magical day!

Both Sandras - Know what? You're right. My apologies to you both as well as to Angel, Amanda and everyone else who is able to see sense but I refuse to apolgise to both Claires and Bernice for some of the nasty stuff they've said regarding my children.

I'm gonna refrain from retaliating to these (insert your own choice of word here) and we'll see how long it is before any of them attack me again eh?

In the meantime, i'm still gonna hope for Madeleine being found. If any of the family McCann, namely the grandparents and aunts/uncles and children in the family, I hope this Christmas is not too painful for them all..

Well said Louise. I totally agree and thats what i've been trying to say. They must have evidence of involvement, otherwise they wouldn't be trying their hardest to get justice for Madeleine.

They just can't seem to gather enough PROOF they were involved....yet.

Sandra your plea for peace has fallen on deaf ears - as I thought it would. These people are only here to attack, as you can see by Claire's last statement. Sad. Very sad. What difference does it make whether i'm male/female/donkey? Geez, grow up for goodness sake!!

From the Daily Express this morning:

“That is good news for them because – as they are entirely innocent – they are confident a thorough investigation can only lead to them being eliminated as suspects. Crucially they also hope it may lead to them being reunited with Madeleine.’’

Wouldn't you think being reunited with Madeleine was more important than being cleared? If they're reunited with Madeleine, its obvious they didn't harm her! This guy really needs to wake up and get his priorities straight!!!

To Amanda Cambridge

You say "let me make it simple for you the Police do not have a shred of evidence against the Mc Canns."

You have obviously not followed the shared information on this blog for the last couple of months so let me make it simple for you. The PJ DO have evidence against quite a few people in this case. What they do not have is PROOF. There is a rather a big difference.

So before you go making bold statements please consider the facts.

morning bloggers

well less then a wk to christmas!! ive been thinking about maddie alot and praying that she will be back with her family!! wot a gift that would be hay!!

but i think if maddie was found and reunited with her parents and siblings WOULD WE BE TOLD!! i think not!! purely because the media would be over them like a rash!! and wot sort of christmas would that be for everyone if the cameras was placed on their doorstep?



i wrote to u several times yesterday to say i did not send that post!! it even crossed my mind that u did it urself for the sypathy vote!!

oh and yeh...... wot women says GEEZ? ive never heard any women say that!!BOYS n men yeh!! R U SURE U R A WOMEN!!! MMMM ME THINKS NOT!

To the reviewers of these comments.

I think even yourselves have to admit that some of these comments are not related in ANY way to the point of the blog.Which is about the disappearence of MADELEINE McCann.

In particular a comment about "running down a mothers leg" made me feel quite ill, as did the comments from whoever that was from Austrailia.

Its getting out of hand now as you yourselves can see .

So on behalf of many, could you please avoid posting the more disgusting ones.

You cannot justify the relativity of these comments when the subject of the blog is about a small child.

Yours respectfully.

Sandra Ryan.

Debbie Germany

Go and look at your blogs again my dear you clearly said Maddy was not in Portugal and that you are an EXPERT on child photos and that the photo was "doctored". My answer to you was you got to be joking. Why are you back pedalling now, maybe because you have finally realised that it is a wild cowboy theory huh????

Maybe think a little before you blog, especially on this highly volatile blog.

My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with Gerry and Kate and their extended family over this time. Most of all Maddy you will always be in my thoughts and heart, God bless you sweet angel

Never wrote that, never thought that .......neither will it be featuring in my book!!

Yepp, you're right. Why indeed? It's a mystery!

To all the bloggers on this site.

I'm sure if you carry on bad-mouthing each other like you do this site will be closed down.

We are all on here to discuss Madeleine - and everyone is entitled to their own opinions and views.

If Bubbles, Sandra Ryan, Geoff, Amanda, Katy, and a couple of others, myself included feel we need to express ourselves - stop attacking the poster.

Bernice, Johnny, Claire (both) Sian, Lisa, Marilyn and others also need to express their opinions and views.

Nothing wrong with that, but stop calling each other names.

Try and focus on what we are here for.

This has now become a mud slinging match and we are getting nowhere with this type of nonsense, in What is the Main Purpose of the Blog.

And that is to find out what happened to Madeleine.

Kind regards to all the bloggers

Sandra Rennie

Lots of people putting things up here that people didn't say - or my imagination?

Sandra Ryan.
Bet it's warmer there than here!Lets get Christmas over, then see what happens.
Cheers, Debbie


Mn you are harsh. Nothing good to say to anyone or about anything. iIan't relate to that at all, I was brought up to have values and decency. Its not my way to condemn others, especially those in the most painful situation. So, we have differing views and I am not unhappy about that. You and your mate sandra are unified in your negativity and in your passion for striking out at the McCanns.

I want to come on here thought to counter balance the negative views. To show that there are people out there that don't feel a need to attack the McCanns, that do believe they love their kids and that really want them reunited. whatever bad is said about this family, its said by a small minority and is not representattive of many people.

To all those hoping for the big breakthrough on finding Madeleine, best wishes and peace for Christmas. There's always hope and good positive minds bring about good deeds.

The police attempts to stitch up the parents have become truly pathetic. "We haven't got any evidence...whoops! So let's make some up eight months later and send that in for analysis instead".

For me, the Portuguese police behaviour in this case absolutely STINKS of a frame-up.

If you think the PJ have behaved honourably, fine, you go ahead and take your family to Portugal on holiday - I for one will NOT be doing so.


Your 'little reject' comment as you call it was out of line and to be quite frank disgusting. I think we can safely say that anything you get in return is deserved. If you insist on provoking people with your taunts then don't be shocked when they react back.

Claire - whilst I understand your frustration with this person I think its more dignified not to descend to her level. Leave the nasty comments to bubbles - she's good at them and the only person they disgrace is herself. You can do better than that.

Back to Madeleine - I hope and pray she is alive and whilst there is some belief out there I would much prefer for people not to put a dampner on that by suggesting her parents are guilty. The only thing that achieves is stopping people looking and worse still it might stop someone who could help coming forward. If people are led to believe Madeleine isn't alive then they won't report what could be sightings. Placing that doubt in peoples' minds lessens the chances of finding Madeleine.

I don't see how the need to hurt the family can override whats in this little girls best interest.

to bubbles your posts are a bit tiring now what planit are you from you are serposed to be a grown adult but you sound like a little girl grow up and get a facts right befor you come and attack kate and gerry

"shame really,given a brian she might very well have turned out to be a nice person......"

Posted by: claire uk 19 Dec

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. If your going to insult someone over their intelligence, at least try and get BRAIN and BRIAN correct !

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