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Coming Home
May 21, 2007

By Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt


I'm home and I'm still being bombarded with emails offering clues to Madeleine's disappearance and who did it.

At the airport everyone I met wanted to talk about the case and offered their own thoughts on what happened. A common complaint to me is that there are few posters of Madeleine outside Praia da Luz.

Gerry McCann is back, too, but only briefly. There must be so many domestic matters that cannot be handled properly from Portugal.

But the couple say they will stay indefinitely in the Algarve until they have firm news of their daughter. A cop who deals with such cases in the UK says any future decision to leave would be a huge psychological barrier to overcome. It would be tantamount to abandoning Madeleine, leaving her behind.

No word on the police investigation... their 'briefings' are aptly named. They continue to insist they don't need to share with the public any possible sightings of Madeleine or any suspicious vehicles they’re hunting.

As far as I know Robert Murat remains the only suspect. No sign yet that he's willing to talk more fully about what he's going through.

When I was chatting to him across the kitchen table in Casa Liliana he and his mother Jenny were annoyed about reports of his 'glass' eye.

A young woman who had been to school with him had described on air how he used to entertain his classmates by popping out the eye and rolling it around in his hand.

The truth is, he doesn't have a glass eye. He is blind in his right eye because of a torn retina, the result of a motorbike accident when he was a teenager.

He leaned forward while we chatted about it and showed me. Behind his rimless glasses, the eye is bloodshot, but it moves as he talks.

Intriguingly, a friend asked me if Mr. Murat's damaged eye is the same eye in which Madeleine has a distinctive mark on her iris. It is, it's the right eye.

The miss-reporting of his 'glass' eye is typical of the mass of inaccurate and plain crazy stories that were flying around the resort as I left.

The cops must be under huge commercial pressure to find Madeleine and solve the case. Half-term is looming and the place will be much busier.

Some of those who booked before Madeleine's disappearance have, apparently, asked to be moved from the Ocean complex or even to another resort. 

Others have asked for discounts...can you believe that?

Written by Martin, May 21, 2007


i agree with the idea that kate and gerry posters could help if maddie is taken out and about she may say mummy or daddy looking at them its got to be worth a try so is mr krugel and even a clairevoyant or similar. none if these have ben tried. im not saying that these will work but if just one of these can bring a lead its got to be worth a try for maddies sake x

If I were in the McCann's shoes I would try anything to get my daughter back, so please someone with some persuasive charms or impetus, get that Danie Krugel's details to them, bounty hunters, private detectives, psychics, mediums, even consider kidnapping the two prime suspects and torture them until they talk. Desperate times call for desperate measures and perhaps out of all this may come a world wide intolerence to sick people like this, that must obviously be locked away forever for the safety of all our children. It is time to act now. Little Maddie, be strong, you will be rescued. XXXX

Why has she not been found?the authorities are quietly doing, we hope what they need to. The media do not need to know what is going on as this may give suspects an inclin that the authorities are on to them, i only hope they are closer than we know.
Have some faith she wil be found.

I have been atentive since Maddie went missing, I would like to tell Gerry & Kate to be strong to face this terrible obstacle in their lives and do not give up to find Maddie.

Another question on this subject. The McCanns were part of a larger group all staying at the complex - including children. Were these children also left in the appartments? where are their appartments in relation to the McCann's? Were the large group having dinner in the Tapas bar than night? were all the parents doing the same thing??? Were other parents at the complex also doing the same thing? Have the parents been doing this all the time they were on holiday without any problems, so they had been lulled into a false sense of security?? If so, I think this must somehow be connected to the complex as someone could have been watching the pattern of the parents all holiday!!!

My husband and I have just returned from holiday in Tenerife where local papers had pictures of Madeleine. I kept going back to our hotel room to check the latest Sky bulletins, I have cried and thought about this ever since it happened.

The theory we heard in Tenerife was that it is possible that Murat has sold Madeleine, 'phoned the 'Russian' for a boat (it was reported that he arranges boat trips to various places, including North Africa)to take her to North Africa for what I dread to think. Why can't these two be forced to take truth tests...they have both been reported as having lied and if they are involved I feel they have no human rights at all. I agree with the notion that an innocent man has absolutely nothing to hide and would therefore take no offence at being given the opportunity to be ruled out of the enquiry....Mr Murat, as you are such a 'helpful man', take a test and help the police to rule you out if you are innocent. This will then enable everyone to look at other lines of enquiry. And to anyone who supports or represents him, please try and persuade Mr Murat to take this test if you really want to help.

Madeleine, I wish you a safe return to your family x.

I don't know if this would be possible, but has anyone thought of releasing actual "moving/talking" film of madeline (I would think the McCann's should have something) - people in real life are often very different than in photo's - we should be able to hear her voice - you may be able to cut a child's hair or dye it, but you can't change her voice. Also - her mum has a slight scouse accent, her dad is scottish, but Madeline has been broght up in Lestershire - she probably has a totally different accent. she could have a lisp, or a nasal voice or anything - surely if they have film of her talking this would be a great help.
Can we have more explanation of the Morocco sighting - I would be interested in the finer details of what the lady has to say - also, it's a bit of a co-incidence she used to live in Leicestershire too!

I really think the mystery of this will be found out locally. I think the chances of a random snatching from a bed are rare. It like saying that all of us that may sit in our gardens in the summer months with friends in an evening whilst our children are upstairs asleep someone could be coming in through a front window to take our kids!! I always thought these snatchings were opportunists mainly taking children from public places not breaking in. That smacks of something a little more strange.

i think that all the people that were in the area when the girl went missing should be deeply investigated, staff of the hotel, etc. because i think that people were already with the girl under surveillance, to choose the best time to attack, and of course, these would be either hotel staff or people who was checked in.
i also think that the first hours upon her disappearance were crucial but steps were not taken, close borders, etc.
it's a very sad event and we should search and destroy every person involved in child abuse/hurt.
and PLEASE, START USING CCTV SECURITY CAMERAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what about putting pictures up of kate and gerry in the hope that madeleine wuld see them in garages,shops etc she would clearly recognise them and someone would hear this and perhaps save her god bless you madeleine kate and gerry x

i have been watching and praying for the safe return of this beautiful little girl , i cannot believe the parents left 3 children under four alone what was they thinking there was a babysitting service , and if that was my daughter i would be out there day and night searchng not walkin along the beach i wouldnt care what police or anyone said no one would stop me from looking for my child come home soon madeline in my thoughts and prayers

I'm surprised so few people in Portugal have posted a comment. Wonder why?... I think several mistakes were made from the onset. The parents should have not left such small children alone, even with closed doors and regular visits to see them. Small children are liable to suddenly awaken and we do not ever know what they can do. What if they needed they parents help? Would they be crying their eyes out for half an hour before one of them popped in to check on them? Honestly! If you're not prepared to consider your children needs when on holliday just stay home or bring along someone you trust to look after them.
Then our police is just a joke. I know of other children that have gone missing throughout the years and they are completely forgotten. Boys and girls alike, mind you. And some even older than Maddie. But again we are a country that does not give enough importance to children. We have news of them being abused by parents, teachers, next door neighbours and we know that many of these people get away with a slap on the wrist. Disgusting! Finally I think that Madie's parents should hire other experts, and insist on British Police involvement in the case. Don't wait for Portuguese Police to present results. They won't.
And, I'm sorry to say, I don't really believe that little Maddie will be found alive. After so long? Hardly. That is, if she is found at all. We know that this was a planned action and people that do these things are trained thereto, and know how to make a child vanish in hours. I'm a mother, and I grieve for the parents. But what I cannot begin imagining is the terror, the immense horror that Maddie is feeling, apart from what may have already been done to her. It literally makes my stomach hurt in anguish.

Is there any chance that Maddie could have wandered out of the apartment on her own?? I heard that there was building works going on. Could she have fallen in?? Maybe they should dig them up??

You should stop to think that eveyone in Portugal is doing their best to find Madeleine.
We asked for and we are being helped by your specialists.

The only thing we know for sure know is that if the parents were more careful we wont be here talking.

To have dinner in the garden of a house whith friends, and the children on the house slepping is one thing, acidents can hapen and we cant be on top off them all the time.

To have dinner in a restaurant or a bar 50 m away is completly different, they are left alone completly offguarded, even if they were closed in there, imagine what could hapen whith 3 children that age alone on a house during 20-30 minutes between watches.

Even, someone has said on TV that the complex has Babysitting for 10 to 20 eur a hour, it is not that much.

I am sending daily mails to oprah show in order to give me the contact od allison Dubois who helps FBI on cases of missing people!

please help me get her atention on this case!

I am very worried as there has been no police statement from the portugese police for several days now the british public are used to being kept informed. Also my 5 year old daughter has been crying so much when she sees madeleine on the television or newspapers children don't understand and can't imagine not being with their parents, she asks if madeleine has been found every morning when she wakes lets pray one morning i'll be able to tell her yes. kate and gerry we have all taken our eye off them for times don't blame yourselves blame the evil that don't deserve to walk this earth if you are reading you evil people take her back she doesn't belong to you and bring some joy into this world that is becoming unbearable to live in.

Please, let Mr. Krugel have a go in this case. Anything to get Madeleine home. Isn`t the saying: "leaving no stone unturned"? We don`t have to understand everything, try anyway. MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU, MADELEINE.

Gerry & Kate,
Just to let you know that the people of Ireland have you, your family and beautiful Madeleine in our thiughts every day. If there was anything I could do I would be on the first plane to Portugal. Please consider speaking to some psychics. We pray for you every day. Stay strong.
Madeleine we are thinking of you XX

the criminals that abducted Madelein are professionals.Beleive me the only way to find where Madelein is at this very moment is to contact one of the best 'MEDIUMS'.THIS CASE CAN ONLY BE RESOLVED SPIRITUALY.



I pray for Maddie's safe return Maddie and for her familiy to stay strong and positive. adn to those who blame Madeline's mom und dad for leaving children alone while they were sleeping: you who say or think that are no better than those who took that little girl from her parents. My heart and prayers are with Mccanns. I HOPE MADDIE IS IN HER PARENTS ARMS SOON!!

I strongly agree that all the staff working in that Tapas Bar and the hotel cleaning and general staff should be brought in and questioned with basic talk about their were abouts and details should be logged off they location or residence in the holiday village is and their mobile numbers taken and checked where possible, to see if their is any connection with the suspect or the Russian IT guy

Like everyone else I'm truly and deeply saddened by this situation and pray hard each day for Maddie to be found alive and well. I do however hope that this can be used to highlight and put a STOP to all the child trafficking and child porn and child brothels that exist the world over. It seems that too many people in authority know about it, and know who the people are,yet turn a blind eye to it. The fact that this disgusting behaviour is allowed in our society is really beyond belief. That in some countries it brings in so much revenue they don't stop it! I pray for Maddie and her family yet also hope that this case can highlight and put an end to what is happening all over the world and not receiving press coverage.

I am becoming increasing disillusioned by the results... or rather the LACK of results the Poruguese police are achieving. How do we go about INSISTING that our police force gets over there and mounts a joint investigation.... 50/50... ? I feel absolutely helpless... I have so many thoughts about what to do... but am without a direction to aim them at.

Sky... can you not set up some form of assistance group? Please offer us some sort of service whereby we know our offers of help can be directed, and our ideas can be channeled. If anybody else wants to become part of an assistance group... please email me

There is power in people.

In the absence of evidence to the contrary, I am fully supporting the McCanns in their belief that their daughter is safe and being cared for, I am trying to remain calm and positive. I would like to help them.... I just wish I knew how.

It seems that NOBODY IS MANAGING THE CAMPAIGN. Correct me if I'm wrong... The thousands of people who are desparate to help need direction and guidance, and a place to check back with. In the absence of anybody else doing this.... please contact me of you see this massage and feel the same way.

Joanne Griffin

I am the mother of two children. They are 13 and 8. I cannot imagine the anguish that Madeleine McCann’s parents must feel. The disappearance of any child horrifies me. If I were her mother, I would do whatever it takes to return her safely home.

One avenue I would explore would be a respected psychic. The psychic I would contact is Carla Baron. . I live in the United States, and I have seen her on a television show on Court Tv, called “Haunting Evidence”. In my humble opinion, she is the best in her field.

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